About Us

Customers love learning from us because we talk to them like humans, not robots. Imagine that.

We’re a trusted growth partner to everyday entrepreneurs and developers

Naija Domains is the largest services platform for entrepreneurs and developers around Africa. We’re on a mission to empower community of million customers, developers and entrepreneurs across Africa — by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online.

We champion entrepreneurs by delivering
the perfect help and tools for their journey.

Naija Domains is the place folks come to name their idea, create a compelling brand and a great looking website, attract customers with digital and social marketing, and manage their work. Where no tool alone will do, we give direct one-on-one guidance with a human connection.


It's in our DNA.

We were hatched for hosting & Keeping prices low

Customer is King

Web pros

Web hosting knowledge is in our bones, and we've been excelling at it since the early days of the interwebs. Since then, we've expanded internationally because of our commitment to helping people around the globe build their site their way.

Customer is King

Customer Is King

In Naija Domains we believe that every customer deservers a Premium Support Experience no matter they spend thousands in a month. That's why we've set rigorous quality standards for our support team making sure that your experience is as good as possible. The great reviews we get only makes us work harder.

Customer is King

Incredible Prices

While everyone brags about their prices, we actually deliver on this promise. For example whenever choosing hardware we not only look at the raw performance, but also on the purchase price in relation to performance and power consumption.


Our Parent Company.

Stormcell Integrated Services is a renowned leader in software and application development for different industries and the proud owner of Naija Domains, a web hosting company providing web hosting services to thousands of clients across the globe. Since its establishment, our company has focused on delivering world-class standard projects which we have so far accomplished with a highly competent and proficient work force.

We develop and provide world’s best software and web applications to many companies across the globe spanning across diverse sectors to include Agriculture, Blockchain, Education, Medicine, just to mention a few. Our software development team has developed and delivered over 100 solutions within the last few years. These applications include product portals, reservation systems, Executive Information Systems, Operations Support Systems, workforce management solutions, Smart Phone applications, GPS and mapping applications, reporting management systems, Customer Relationship Management solutions, time tracking systems, Video Streaming Applications, and digital printing solutions to name a few.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team at 080 3791 8162